Imagireading Today!, Imagiread’s premier vlog of all things Imagiread to enjoy with family, took a hiatus during the relaunch of The video series is scheduled to return to YouTube the week of August 1, 2017, with brand new releases and reviews. 

Imagireading Today! is an opportunity for families to create an intentional plan for family literacy. It models Imagiread’s core values which embody social responsibility, cultural authenticity, and appropriation.

Tiffany Rachann

Before our break in programming on Imagireading Today! back in May, we featured some of the newest and most incredible picture books available in the market. Each corresponding to a theme, the reads were handpicked for their synonymous values all being socially responsible and culturally authentic and appropriate. Some of those reads were awarded an Imagiread Approved seal for possessing all three pillars and incorporated into Imagireading Today! programming facilitated in out-of-school programs here locally in Houston. Now that our website is partially functional it’s time to resume said programming with a Back-to-School stint that seeks to incite valuable messages about productivity, positive attitudes, and purpose. Subscribe to the channel for updates and stay tuned for the first episode in the series.

Know of a good book that speaks to one or all of these areas deserving of a feature? Email us at and let us know! We’re always looking for hidden gems. Keep Imagireading!

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